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Can you imagine what it would be like to take classes under a grass- roofed hut, sitting on bricks?

This is how the children in the village of Béré, Chad study.

The school consists of three grass huts that the stormy winds and rains of rainy season destroy, requiring yearly rebuilds.

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You can contribute by giving at least $10 dollars ($200 MXN) that will be used to build the three classrooms. 

How can you receive  be part of this legacy?

By giving your contribution and inviting others to colaborate, you will be bettering the students study environment and ability to learn and you will receive the satisfaction of being a part of the educative legacy that transcends time. 



Be part of this educational project!

and sharing with others the opportunity to give theirs as well.

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Our system accepts debit or credit cards, however our donations must be written in Mexican pesos, please calculate the currency exchange below.




Building the foundation.

Building walls, windows, doors, and chalk boards.

Building roof, plastering, and paint.

Estimated time to finish building:

60 working days in dry season.

Construction of the Classrooms

The classrooms are 9 x 7 meters, each one having a length of 28m and 7m wide. With two walls of 7m that divide them.


150 children between the ages
of six and eleven years old
in the community of Béré, Chad.

Cost of the Project

$18,000 dollars.

Our Goal

Reach $18,000 USD in 2022


Note: The prices of some items are high due to the shortage of them in Chad.

  • Escavation and site preparation

    $24,600 CFA | $46.42 USD
    Digging (82 meter trench).
  • Foundation and Elevation; including Steel work and mason work

  • Rod 10

    $250,000 CFA | $471.70 USD
    (50 bars)
  • Rod 8

    $105,000 CFA | $198.11 USD
    (30 bars)
  • Rod 6

    $100,000 CFA | $198.68 USD
    (50 bars)
  • Binding wire

    $55,000 CFA | $103.77 USD
    (5 rolls)
  • Wood for concrete boxes

    $200,000 CFA | $377.36 USD
  • Sand

    $480,000 CFA | $905.66 USD
    (6 Truckloads)
  • Gravel

    $450,000 CFA | $849.05 USD
    (3 Truckloads)
  • Wheel barrow

    $50,000 CFA | $94.34 USD
  • Buckets

    $15,000 CFA | $28.3 USD
  • Nails

    $20,000 CFA | $37.74 USD
    (10 kg)
  • Cement

    $1,000,000 CFA| $1,886.79 USD
    (100 bags)
  • Bricks

    $750,000 CFA | $1,415.09 USD
  • Roof; including woodwork and tin covering

    $1,200,000 CFA | $2,264.15 USD
    Wood of different types: thickness and broadness, for 3 classrooms.
  • Tin Sheets

    $990,000 CFA | $1,867.92 USD
  • Nails

    $35,000 CFA | $66.04 USD
    (1 carton)
  • Accesories

    $20,000 CFA | $37.74 USD
  • Finishsing; including plastering, fooring, windows, doors and interior painting

  • a) Plastering

    $610,000 CFA | $1,150.89 USD
    Plastering sand (2 truckloads) and Cement (45 bags)
  • b) Floor

    $840,000 CFA | $1,584.91 USD
    Sand (3 trucks) and Cement (60 bags)
  • c) Windows and Doors

    $20,000 CFA | $37.74 USD
    Doors (3) and Windows (12)
  • d) Paiting (Interior only)

    $180,000 CFA | $339.62 USD
    Water Paint (6 drums), Oil paint (doors and windows) = 12 kg
  • Others

  • Transport of material Miscellonous

    $100.000 CFA | $188.68 USD
  • Various

    $100,000 CFA | $188.68 USD
  • TOTAL:

    $8,045,600 CFA | $15,181 USD

The cost of labor for this project is estimated at  17% which is approximately $1,300,000 CFA ($2,453 USD) and includes the labor from laying the foundation to the painting of the rooms. Thus, the final sum for the project is $ 9,413,352 CFA (Nine million, four hundred and thirteen, three hundred and fifty two francs CFA) ($17,762 USD) 

How did it all start?

UM Virtual forms professionals dedicated to serving God and humanity.

Victor Adonis (Theology major) is one of them; he with his wife have been working for the past year in sub-saharan Chad as self-supporting missionaries. 
Currently, Victor is teaching English/Bible in the primary school and leading evangelism projects. His wife, Tanzi, is the director of the Nutrition Center and Mission Base.
After seeing the conditions of the school and how the children learn, Victor shared with us about his desire to build classrooms to better the condition in which the children of the community receive their education, prompting us to build a plan to start a fundraising campaign.

Our team is putting this plan into action to turn this initiative into a lasting legacy.

Where are them?

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